So beautiful is the North

Summerfest with a holiday vibe

When your consciousness serves up an image of a lovely green lakeshore with hammocks and tasty grub in response to the query of envisioning the perfect summerfest, then you guys are in good hands with us. And at Seehotel Töpferhaus near Kiel there is still more that is guaranteed to make your next summer party unforgettable- Namely a diving board for a dip in the cool water, stand-up paddling, cannoes, beach volleyball, BBQs in teepee tents and long nights at the campfire.

Coffee, cake, hearty snacks and ice cold drinks satisfy peckishness and thurst. And when you want to do something sporty, then play a little bit of beach volleyball. The kids can burn themselves out playing lawn tennis and football. There are already additional football goal nets here.

In the teepee tent in the evening, there will be chowing down on barbeque and people chilling by the campfire. If you guys still want get down and dance, than you will enjoy a buzzy well lit teepee tent with a dance floor and a cocktail bar.

Is a summer party at our lakeside hotel totally your cup of tea? Then head up North soon to the lovely Bistenssee near Hamburg, Kiel and Flensburg. We are looking forward to seeing you guys.

Hotel and room:

  • Summerfest with up to 150 guests
  • Stylish hotel room 
  • 2 teepees or a big party tent 
  • 15,000 sqm of lakeshore with a bathing pier, beach and mini island


  • BBQ and Picknic

Sport and relaxation

  • Swimming in the lake 
  • Stand-up paddling, cannoe tours, beach volleyball, football and bowls 
  • Relaxing in deck chairs and hammocks
  • Cosy campfire

You guys can contact us here online, phone us on +49 4338 9971 0 anrufen or contact us via e-mail event(at)