We are looking forward to your four-legged companion

Dogs in the hotel

We love dogs and we are happy to have them here! The surrounding woods are ideal for extensive walks and the lake offers a nice refreshment from time to time. Furthermore our grounds by the like are perfect to rollick.

To assure a pleasant stay for your four-legged frieds, for all the other guests as well as for our employees, there are a few rules, which have to be considered:

  • Only one dog per room, well trained and up to 15 kg
  • Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant, the Nature Spa, the cigar lounge or at swimming areas
  • Don´t use the shower tub or sink for your dog
  • Other guests may be allergic to dog fur, please keep your dog away from carpets, sofas and curtains (if a special cleaning is necessary we have to charge you the cost)
  • Dogs must be walked on a lead all the time
  • The dog card must be visible on the door outside when the dog is alone in the room
  • If the dog is in the room alone, but you wish room cleaning, please inform our staff at the reception

You can download the rules for a smooth stay for you and your fluffy friend HERE.


When you arrive you can find a feeding bowl with little treats for your dog in your room. Furthermore you find more bowls with water in our lobby. For a good night sleep we recommend to bring a bed for your four-legged friend.