Heading across the North

Excursions for touring from Seehotel Töpferhaus

The North is entirely flat? There is fish on bread available for purchase on every corner? The Germans up north don’t mince their words? Some of the clichés are true, some others aren’t. So discover how it is up North yourself and get to know it.

On account of being smack dab in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein, in between the Baltic and North Seas, Seehotel Töpferhaus is an ideal starting point for round trips through the lovely North. You guys can quickly head to the sea, ideal for a day trip.

Have a look at our compilation of excursions and inform yourselves about nearby cities like Flensburg, Rendsburg, Eckernförde or Schleswig and download the brochure.

You won’t manage to do that before travelling or your printer is on strike? No worries, you can also get the information directly at the hotel. Spend the downtime you earned, the way you like it. And in the event that you still need tips, we are happy to advise you.

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