Simply Nordic

Packages with the Danish Hygge Factor

You guys wish for a chance to escape the stress of everyday and take a short break? It is our pleasure to fulfill this wish for you. Discover our range of packages based on romance, wellness, culinary delights and sports. We also plan further events full of surprises for you guys on Valentine’s day, May Day and events on Christmas, New Year’s and beyond. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or as friends, everyone will find a suitable package at Seehotel Töpferhaus. Simply have a read through of the packages, book and then head off to the North. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Your heart strings aflutter between the North and Baltic Seas

Pure Romance: Packages for lovers

Do something good for your partner and surprise him or her with a relaxing short break up North. With our package, your partner’s eyes will shine with joy.

Nature Spa

Deep relaxation up North

Pure Wellness: Packages for body and soul

When was the last time you were fully relaxed? You can totally let yourself go during this short break and refuel. Our spa is located amongst natural beauty. Here you will experience wellness with nature right up close, whether you are in the Finnish sauna overlooking the lake or in a Ofuro bath on the shore or when you jump off the diving board.


Right, I’m off then…

Unplug: A package of a different kind

Can one laze about? Not do anything? Not be reachable? Yes, definitely! Stay with us and you can do all that. Going offline means staying in one of our peaceful Danish comfort style rooms, tasty food from breakfast to supper and visiting the Nature Spa. Everything else you guys can decide for yourselves, whether to do an excursion or just be idle for once. You guys have earned it.

4 Seasons

Get a feel for the north

4 Seasons: Packages with adventure– Guaranteed!

You guys want to experience the true north of Germany? You are in perfect hands with us! We are not only northern, through and through, we are also right bang in the middle of Schleswig- Holstein. You can begin your day trips here to North Sea and Baltic Sea beaches, Eckernförde or Schleswig. Or get a nostalgic feel for the Viking culture in Haithabu.

Lakeside Champagne

A taste of luxury between Hamburg and Sylt

Efferverscent: Arrangement with Champagne and views of the lake

Should it have that little bit extra? Then surprise your travel companion with this little luxurious getaway and experience two wonderful days with a view over one of the most beautiful lakes in Schleswig-Holstein. 

That day at the lake

Pack your suitcase and head off

Lakeside between Hamburg and Sylt: A 1 day package

No excuses! There’s always a day for this. Whether you plan it for a long time or decide spur of the moment. That day by the lake is always good idea.

Laaazy Sunday

Time stands still

Sunday: The timeless package

It doesn’t matter whether the week all is about to begin or end for you. For many Sunday is the best day of the week. The time moves slower and everything is just a little bit more relaxed. And you will feel that way more intensely by the lake. This mini-break is also ideal as a holiday extension for other packages, that is to say this is the nicest version of late check-out there is.


Nordic cuisine meets delicious wines

Wine & Dine

You are a foodie and ready for a fresh, Nordic cuisine? Then try the LammButtRind kitchen with a truly nordic menu and the Feinheimisch seal of quality. Regional, seasonal, phenomenal.


Events from open air cinema to New Year's Eve

Event calendar

In addition to above arrangements, we offer enticing events with or without accommodation. From the romantic Valentine's dinner over the Easter brunch to the marvelous New Year's Eve break as well as some quite unique experiences such as the GreenBodyCamp, Music on the Lake, Chef's Table, Summer Party, Open Air Cinema, Whiskey Krüger and much more ...