Nature Spa and outdoor wellness activities

More than just lakeside grounds

When was the last time you were in a typical Finnish sauna or you have enjoyed an outdoor wellness bath? In our hotel in Schleswig-Holstein, you can do both at the same time. For example, first experience the hot 85°C sauna with fresh eucalyptus essence overlooking the lake. And then afterwards head to the salt crystal chill-out space. Then enjoy the Ofuro wellness bath in a tub of cedar, which is newly refilled with 450 litres of hot 40°C water. The tub sits directly on the lakefront and is intended for 1 -2 guests.

At our hotel by Kiel in the beautiful north, there is more to enjoy:

  • 200 metres of shoreline with dense reeds, a cove and a pier
  • Stand-up paddling boards, canoes, life vests, neoprene wet suits
  • Beach volleyball course
  • Bikes and electric scooters to rent
  • Paths for walking and trekking

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