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St. Martin´s goose

Crispy from the outside, tender from the inside

St. Martin´s goose

On St. Martin´s day we serve with pleasure a very classic prepared St. Martin´s goose with all which goes along. Look forward to a delicately filled goose with apple-red cabbage, potato dumplings and orange gravy. To start off with we serve a wintery salad and a baked apple with laurel icecream and almond brittle.

This event includes:

  • Reception at the fireplace with a glas of Crémant
  • St. Martin´s goose in 3 courses

When can you eat the St. Martin´s goose:

  • On November 11th, at lunchtime at 12pm and in the evening at 6pm

39€ per person

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or call +49 4338 99710 to make your reservation.


Why do we actually eat the St. Martin´s goose at St. Martin´s Day?

Roast goose is a popular meal at St. Martin´s Day. Why we eat the goose, is explained by the following legend: When the very modest and reserved Martin heard about his episcopal election, he hided in the goose stable to get away from the election. However the gooses betrayed him by their loud cackling and so the citizens found him anyway. Since then the gooses have to pay for it.