The scent of feinheimische quality cuisine

Restaurant LammButtRind near Kiel

In quintessentially northern ambiance, you guys will relax while dining in restaurant LammButtRind. Our friendly wait staff that put soul into their service exclusively serve dishes made from regional products. That’s why chef Julian Richert and his team cook everything with the feinheimische level of quality. The products originate from fishermen, farmers and hunters in Schleswig-Holstein. Creativity and classic culinary artistry are practiced by us daily. The result: Delectable dishes full of flavour.

The wine list with its exclusive selection and a wide variety of gins is a real treat after a good meal.

In the Summer we are happy to greet you guys on the terrace with a stunning view over the Bistensee. Our crackling fireplace offers the optimal hideaway nook in which you can enjoy your aperitif or digestif in peace and quiet.

Discover Nordic cuisine in the following varieties:

LammButtRind: À la carte gourmet supper 

Supper: Hearty country cuisine as a buffet

Breakfast: Every morning and during sunshine on the lakeside terrace

You can also give a visit to our restaurant as a gift with a voucher – Fast, easy, and online. The gift certificate follows by email, post or SMS. It can be sent directly to the recipient of the gift with a personalised message. It can be sent immediately, or it is also possible have it presented on the desired date. Our restaurant voucher is an ideal birthday present, Christmas present or gift for your clients.